Watch FAQ

Q: My watch is Automatic, why does it stop? 

A: Automatic watch is running on stored energy. It is gains energy from human hand kinetic movement. When you do not wear it and it runs out of stored energy, it will stop. To make it tick again, you have to wind it for 10 – 12 rounds by turning the crown clockwise. To re-adjust the Day or Date back correctly, it depends on whether the crown is the one adjusting or it is recessed or button pusher. You can then adjust accordingly. For the crown, pull it out lightly once to adjust Date/Day. If you pull out the crown out twice, it will adjust Time. If it is a screw in crown, unscrew the crown anti-clockwise and follow the same instructions to adjust Date/Day and Time.

If your watch is a Quartz version, it means that the battery has been used up. Please change the battery.

Q: What is a chronograph?

A: A chronograph is the small dial on the watch face. Some watches may have 1 chronograph and some can have 4+. They are usually used to show seconds, a stopwatch function or show times for different time-zones. All of our watches with chronographs have fully functioning chronographs, just like the authentic version (unless stated otherwise).

Q: How long will a replica watch last?

A: Just like an authentic watch, this entirely depends on how well you treat your watch. An automatic watch should be taken to your local watch-smith for a servicing every year approximately. This will be to ensure that all parts are well oiled and in the correct position to keep the parts in good condition and running for a long time. Realistically if you take good care of your watch and get it serviced regularly your watch can last for many years, just like its authentic counterpart.

Q: How do I use the Stopwatch Function on Valjoux 7750 movement to Avoid Damage to it?

A:To avoid damaging the delicate mechanisms of the Valjoux 7750 movement you need to follow the instructions listed below to take care of it:

If your Valjoux 7750 has DATE function, DO NOT ADJUST the date when your time is between 10:00 to 3:00. It will damage the internal gears unknowingly if you do that. The BEST WAY is to manually adjust the time to 6:00 and then adjust the DATE after that.

If you are using the chronograph functions of the Valjoux 7750, always make sure that to start the stopwatch, you depress the pusher button on top and also to STOP the stopwatch, depress the same pusher button.